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last updated: Feb 28
A rescuer hugs a woman he saved in front of an army helicopter at the Boulder airport.

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For 96 years, the Boulder airport has served the entire community and saved thousands of lives in the fight against wildfires, flood events, and everyday emergencies. The airport is completely self-funded at no cost to Boulder taxpayers.

Now, a group of vocal anti-airport activists wants to destroy the airport in a misguided attempt to replace it with urban housing developments.

This would be a terrible mistake. Closure would put our community at risk, cost at least a hundred million dollars, require a drawn-out legal battle with the FAA, and has a very low chance of success. No new home could be built for at least 20 years. Most likely, none would ever be “affordable.”

Find out why the airport is indispensible to our community.  

We urge Mayor Brockett, Mayor Pro Tem Speer, and all the members of the Boulder City Council to do the right thing and vote “no” to closing the Boulder Airport.

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